General Knowledge

TEACHERS – are you tired of cramming general knowledge sessions into your students’ lessons before exams?  Had enough of explaining the same signs and symbols over and over?

STUDENTS – do you want an easier way to practise your general knowledge questions at home by yourself?

PARENTS – do you want to assist your child with their exam preparation, but don’t know anything about music, or what sort of questions you should be asking?

General knowledge question and answer packages are now available!  Written specifically for the Guild practical exams (Step 1 onwards), they include a copy of the piece with the different signs and symbols (numbered), and a corresponding answer page with clear definitions and explanations of the signs.  Answer sheets are also provided for you to print and use if studying by yourself.  Students of all ages (6yrs+ to adults) have found these packages invaluable when preparing for the general knowledge section of exams.  It also assists students to remember (long-term) the names and meanings of musical terms and symbols


“My daughters found the general knowledge packages extremely easy to follow, and proved to be invaluable tools as they prepared for their exams.”

Alisa, Western Australia

“As a parent I found the general knowledge pieces, or packages, were straightforward.  The children found them extremely helpful to learn the different parts of a written piece of music in preparation for their piano exams.  Clear descriptions and labelling meant that Thérèse could visualise what each symbol was and what it meant.  The annotations were logical and methodical with extended descriptions.  We were able to conduct spot tests which meant the learning wasn’t laborious, more like a game.  My musical knowledge has improved and the children achieved excellent exam results.”

Kirshten, Western Australia