Music Theory – Grade One




The second book in the “MUSIC THEORY” series explores rests, dotted notes/rests, new time signatures and rhythms and Italian terms.  Students are introduced to major scales and key signatures, scale degree numbers, and simple chords.  Each chapter features clear ‘teach-yourself’ information, examples and questions for students to complete independently.  Two sample exams are included (in the same format as used by the Australian Guild of Music) as well as blank manuscript paper.  Students should be able to confidently sit the Australian Guild of Music Grade One Theory Examination after completing this book.


  1. Semibreve Rests
  2. Minim Rests
  3. Crotchet Rests
  4. Quaver Rests
  5. Dot After A Note Or Rest
  6. Ties And Slurs
  7. Time Signatures
  8. Note Grouping
  9. Major Scale Formation
  10. Major Scale Key Signatures
  11. Writing Scales
  12. Scale Degree Numbers
  13. Chords
  14. Italian Words
  15. General Questions
  16. Sample Exam 1
  17. Sample Exam 2
  18. Manuscript Paper

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