Music Theory – Preliminary




The first book in the “MUSIC THEORY” series thoroughly explains basic music notation in the treble and bass clefs, simple note values, time signatures and basic intervals (ie tones, semitones and octaves).  Students are shown how to draw signs and symbols (eg clefs, crotchets etc) in a step-by-step method.  Each chapter features clear ‘teach-yourself’ information, examples and questions for students to complete independently.  A sample exam is included (in the same format as used by the Australian Guild of Music) as well as blank manuscript paper to give students the opportunity to improve their writing skills.  Students should be able to confidently sit the Australian Guild of Music Preliminary Theory Examination after completing this book.


  1. Staff and Stave
  2. Barlines
  3. Double Barlines
  4. Repeat Signs
  5. Semibreves
  6. Minims
  7. Crotchets
  8. Quavers
  9. Treble Clef
  10. Bass Clef
  11. The Musical Alphabet
  12. Drawing Keyboards
  13. Middle C
  14. Treble Stave Notes
  15. Bass Stave Notes
  16. Treble and Bass Stave Notes
  17. Leger Lines
  18. Notes Above and Below the Stave
  19. Accidentals
  20. Time Signatures
  21. Completing Rhythms
  22. Dynamics
  23. Melody Copying
  24. Octaves
  25. Semitones
  26. Tones
  27. Practice Exam
  28. Manuscript Paper

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